The Book!

BLACK DAISY IN A WHITE LIMOUSINE: 77 POEMS  The Art of Life, Love & Family   

Black Daisy in a White Limousine: 77 Poems is an urban anthology of modern challenges, passages, spirituality, sexuality, love and family.

This provocative collection of contemporary poetry eloquently embraces a multitude of subjects from the coming of age experiences of a teenage girl to the inevitable loss of love and innocence of a young woman. Filled with courage, vision and whimsy, the reader gets the sense of a well worn journey that lands safely in a place of strength and hope. (I’m on a beautiful smile of endless sunshine / Music on my fears / Words trace these lovely tree lines / Prancing on the horizon / Wrapped in peaceful white)

Perhaps most insightful is the feeling that family is never far below the surface of Yashi’s poetry. Many poems give the reader a very real glimpse into the private world of her well known roots including ‘Mom’ an homage to her mother, Rebbie Jackson, and ‘Genius is Love’, a poignant narrative of  a young Yashi and memories with her Uncle, Michael Jackson. (If we could just let our inner child wander / You stayed here because you knew / It was the one place full of honor)

At once embattled and courageous are the poems depicting the triumphant self-realization that comes with battling and eventually overcoming her own mental illness. Never self-indulgent, her naked depiction of her own battle portrays both confusion and angst yet seems to never lose sight of hopeful anticipation (So sensitive the untold are / Moving along like sound / Either living deeply bruised or forgotten / Or eternally found)

Currently not in stock please check back for updates on availability. Thank you.



61 Comments on “The Book!”

  1. Corie Rivera says:

    I love the book cover!!!

  2. Esther says:

    Is the book available in hard copy ?
    LOVE You Yashi

  3. Congrats Ya Ya on this awesome piece of poetry work!
    Love and support,
    Janneke (The Netherlands)

  4. DamitaJ says:

    hey love! you are a TRUE artist and i hope that one day soon i can meet you and maybe write some poems with you as well!


  5. DamitaJ says:

    #77 poems! thats whats up
    1 cant wait to read them!!!!

  6. Regina M. Simmons says:

    I write (and read)poetry, too.
    I look forward to reading your poetry, Yashi. :o)

  7. Shawn Voss says:

    So excited for you and proud of you!!!! Can’t wait to read your work.

  8. Anita says:

    Hello Yashi

    I have been a fan of your family for years. I seen you and your mother on the news and I am so proud of you for speaking out about bi-polar. I am looking forward to getting your book and reading your poems. good luck to you and may God bless you and your family.

  9. Congratulations Yashi! We can’t wait to read it!!

    Much Love,
    Lisa and Nikky

  10. mitzie says:

    Congrats Yashi. Next generation up and coming. Blessings

  11. noni says:

    U look like janet in the book cover 🙂

  12. Congratulations Yashi! I can’t wait to read it!! I love reading books a lot. Will it be available on Amazon website? I would love to get an Autograph from you someday.


  13. Melissa Murray says:

    Congratulations Yashi!

  14. Clayton Jackson says:

    Congratulations and much love to you Yashi!

    Clayton Jackson

  15. vonn says:

    OMG she sounds wonderful I cannot wait to get my kindle so I can download ..she sounds like a wonderful person ..I too write poetry but became discouraged because people don’t read or relate but I am now inspired oh n I’m a mental health therapist in Chicago much luv n successful to u

  16. tom kennedy says:

    This girl has talent .a whole lot of it. I am not a poetry fan unless it is really good, well guess what folks , it is. HER REALITY BUSRTS THRU on every page and like a fine wine it should be savored. i want to see more from Yashi much
    more. from one writer to another CHEERS. carry on girl.
    tom kennedy / author

  17. I Got the Book tonight but I Have A Literati E-Reader So I Have to Convert the Kindel File to A Literati E-Reader File to Get it to Work on my E-Reader , But I Have the book ;-).

    After I Read I’ll post back What I Think about it OK ..

  18. bbabb says:

    I applaud your honesty about your illness. Being the parent of a son who also has endured many years of “the stigma” and hard rejection by friends and family who did not understand, I truly understand and admire your courage and determination to make a difference. My son is now diagnosed as Schizoaffective…and enjoys a peaceful life through his faith and working in his church.

  19. DIANA ENOCH says:

    Yashi, want to say God Blessed you and your family…been thur so much…hang in there..cannot wait too read thoses poems…be blessed u and your entire family..Diana

  20. Diana Enoch says:

    Yashi, wish you the best…..u look just like your aunt Janet….congrats..on the book

  21. Christina Brackins says:

    Yes, a paperback! This is great Yashi. Hope to buy a copy soon. Thank you for the update on your site and Congratulations.

  22. Jessica says:

    Keep Up the Good Work, I so love the book cover of your new book Yashi B. 🙂

  23. Myrel Dyson III says:

    I am looking forward to your poetry. I am a poet of over 20 years myself. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend your mom’s concert. It is nice being a member and NAMI Connection Facilitator. Tell mom, Bro. Dyson said hi. I wish you extreme happiness and success in your present and future endeavors.

  24. Aaron Whitehead says:

    Very proud of you and happy to be related to such a talented individual. Best of luck to you and much love. God Bless

  25. dina says:

    I’ am going to look into book store where i live: and get it Can’t wait to read it:)best wishes to u:)) hope by year from now see more writing from you*.*

  26. Benjamin says:

    La lectura de la biblia puede ayudarle, como un balsamo, pues nos llena de consuelo; aunque la enfermedad continue, el saber que pronto acabarán nos ayuda aguantar. (Isaias 33:24)

  27. Hello Yashi,
    just wanted to say thank you for such a marvelous book of poetry. I am very happy it was available on kindle since I do a lot of travelling it is easier to take with me.
    Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to coming out to P.O.P. on wednesday nights.

    Please give my hellos to your family.
    More Love

  28. I have this book Yashi and I must say I love it. I wish you the best in all you choose in life. Many blessings and More Love.

  29. limo says:

    How is it possible to get hard copy of this book.

  30. BMW Covers says:

    Love your stuff. Just became a fan and liked your page on FB! BMW Car Covers

  31. Anfaani says:

    beautiful write!

  32. Justine says:

    Great poem.. i love it.. and book cover too.

  33. Dear Yashi,

    great and so many facts and thoughts.!

  34. yse says:

    it’s one of the most beautiful poems i’ve ever read, i’m almost in tears with all those kind words, you’re one of the genius created from him, i didn’t cried with a poem since the last time i read ‘dancing the dream’. i really admire so much, who is able transform feelings into words, thank you so much for share your true feelings with us, i can’t wait to read the full book, if you think in release it in another countries please translate it to portuguese too.
    i love MJ, i love you. sz

  35. Red in Phoenix says:

    Such a beautiful expression of who Michael was. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much.

  36. Theresa B says:

    Very powerful and very moving.

  37. Jean says:

    Beautiful poem! You have a special gift too just like your uncle:)

  38. Robin Walker says:

    You are an amazing writer and your uncle would be so proud…I really enjoyed this poem what better way to describe another amazing person…:)

  39. Dear Yashi,

    I was moved to tears by your beautiful poem. You certainly have the Jackson writing gene! What a special tribute to your uncle. The words flowed so simply, yet powerfully from the page. I must get your book & read the rest of your amazing poetry. Thank you for honouring your uncle Michael. He was a blessing and so are you. ♥

    Love, Debbie

  40. Liz Voth says:

    Wow, I just read your poem for your uncle. I’d like to read your other work. Of course I’ve heard about your book through an interview of your mom. Maybe I can get a hold of it. Thank you for posting this.



  41. Michelle Wilkie says:

    Dearest Yashi
    wow what a beautiful Poem about the precious gift that is Your Uncle!! All your words are just so amazing and right on, that as a distant stranger to your Family and Uncle’s life, viewing from the outside all that went on, Your words ring true to what we know is Michael Jackson, even though his ‘name’ and ‘being’ were and still are tarnished by a few. Truth is what we know that your Uncle is the most amazing talented genius ever to walk this earth, in so many more ways than one!! Your words speak volumes and I hope and pray that they ring true as they are in those deaf or selected hearing ears of times gone buy to this present day and so too for the generations of Michael Jackson Fans to come. For what better example of how to live and be than Your Precious Uncle, the truly magical and beautiful Michael Jackson. What an amazing gift to this world, who with so much to give and share from deep within, with love with concern and care and priceless integrity that in anyone is very rare, let alone someone who ‘so called’ has it all and could hide away or behind the performance Mask that is “Michael Jackson” the Star, the talented artist extraordinaire; but no matter the pain the hurt that was thrown at him, on him by those ‘elite ‘ few , torturing his very soul, his being…. he continued to give and give, put himself out there, but selective viewing and reporting an option, through the news, the media , trying to lead us far from the truth, with all the vicciousness and derailed stories , a mere creation for their gain and to slander and torture this beautiful Man, whom both inside and out, so beautiful and true, unique and just, just to name a few. Words fail me… to do his name, his being justice, so I should stop here and not take up anymore of your precious time, for what you more than most already know… that forever ‘Michael Jackson’ will be… a gift, a talent so rare and true, that giftted and regifted himself many times many ways to all humanity, with a spirit and zest for life of unselfish harmony, bringing and showing us a definitive beauty, presence and L.O.V.E !! Most of all love the greatest gift of all, of which he shared with the world, the universe , and gave of himself so selflessly!! For this and so much more I have so much gratitude and L.O.V.E for Your Uncle , the most precious and beautiful gift that will last for more than a lifetime. Very blessed and privileged to be able to experience and share this gift ‘Your most precious Uncle….’Michael Jackson. L.O.V.E!!

  42. Jamie Hernandez says:

    Very beautifull poem Yashi , Godbless you .

  43. Ruben Alva Garcia says:

    Dear Yashi, when will to sale your book in Mexico?

  44. Ruben Alva Garcia says:

    Dear Yshi!
    What beautiful poem!
    Your uncle Michael is blessing you!
    What talented you are!
    My best wishes and all my friendship to you always!

  45. knowing8 says:

    Ok! I just downloaded your book to kindle and I just read ‘Damn You’. Ooooh girl that is on point. I’m at work reading your book and I’ve read at least four of your poems. They are keeping my interest. I do my research first about anything or person I’m about to support and all I can say is wow kudos to your success. I saw Austin last night and that dude sounds just like Michael. When I was a kid I loved the Jackson family (especially Janet, she inspired me to stay in school amongst other thing…that’s a book all by itself. ..Lol) and know I’m an old head and I’m loving the new generation Jacksons. I heard Jackie’s son single (loved it). Y’all doing the damn thing.

    I’m turning into a fanatic and I hate that term, man. It’s normal when you are a kid, but as an adult you have to bring yourself to reality.

    Again I love what you putting down



  46. Beatrice says:

    Congs there…so proud of u for the decisions u made…Writing poetry is a beautiful thing and I wish u the best of luck in all your endeavors…and send my regards to Janet…love her big tym

  47. Yashi Brown says:

    To everyone leaving comments I just want you to know I’m reading them and sooooooooooooooo ( lol) appreciative. You have no idea how much you guys keep me going and how wonderful it is to see the interest in poetry. God Bless and much love to all of you. Thank you so much 🙂

  48. Audrey L. Jones says:

    Hello Ms. Brown, My name is Audrey Jones and I am the chair of the KY PAIMI. I would like to thank you in advance for speaking at our PAIMI conference.

  49. Mrs. Patt Brown and Dr. Mary Sims, Ph.,D. says:

    September 7, 2011

    Dear Ms. Yashi Brown:

    My name is Patt Brown and I was reading the JET Magazine dated: Jay 9/16, 2011 and came upon your story. It was so interested that I shared it with my sister, Dr. Mary Sims, Ph.,D. My sister and I are the owners of a mental health center, named: New Beginnings Human Services in the city of Inglewood, California. I would love to see if it could be possible for you to speak at our upcoming Black & White Ball in the month of December of this year.

    We’re planning a grand event and an opportunity to clearify what Mental Health means especially to the black/brown community. Please let me know if this is possible this year or should we look toward next year event.

    Thanks for sharing your own personal life with us by way of the JET Magazine.


    Mrs. Patt Brown

  50. Cynthia Elliott says:

    I am engrossed in reading your poetry. It is empowering! I feel privileged to have met you. I must get some sleep before your guest appearance here in Kentucky. Thank you for sharing your gift. Cynthia

  51. juju says:

    hello yashi it’s really moving to see this courage in you, you are here for a purpose girl .
    And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”Rom 8:28” i wish if i could find your book here in egypt but it seems there is non keep on writing God bless you.

  52. Hello Yashi i would like to tell you that my wife and I both enjoy your poetry, I see you are full of heart it must have come from the way you were raised by your parents teaching you about God and his purpose for man. I wanted to let you know that my wife and I have your old black 300 chrysler, and we are using it in going to conventions, meetings, and the service, thank you for taking such care of it in the past its still a great ride. Phillip & Lori Castorena Corona,CA.Brentwood Park congregation

  53. Mary and Raymond says:

    Hey dear just stopping by to say hi…We are going to buy your book soon. We can’t wait to read it. My husband and me both love poetry. I’m a big fan of your uncle since childhood !God bless your family and much love from Germany and Nigeria 🙂

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